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West_Garden | 95 points | May 14 2016 23:46:47

Introducing New Moderator | Megalinks MegaDB Introducing New Moderator

I would like to announce that we have added Vcdupper as our newest member of the moderator team.

In regards to some issues we have been having on the subreddit it has been brought to light that we needed new moderators; that what we had currently wasn't enough. Vcdupper has been quite active and is becoming well known in the community. Keep up the great work!

In regards to the recent issues; listen. We are just people too. The subreddit and its moderators were all added 2-3 years ago. A lot can change in that time and people lose interest. I'm going to be on the lookout for possibly more moderators. I want to hear the feedback from the community too. If you have something you think you can offer to the subreddit, speak up.


[-] vcdupper | 51 points | May 14 2016 23:51:08

Thanks alot man, I will continue to contribute all I can,and help out in anyways I can.


[-] West_Garden | 6 points | May 15 2016 00:02:25

Thanks. We really need some active moderators around here.


[-] knoxtroll | 2 points | May 14 2016 23:56:46

Ah yeah.


[-] SofaSurfer14 | -5 points | May 15 2016 05:21:45

Hey Mr dupper now that you are all powerful and all, can you make it so when you and others post a whole lot of content it is in one post cause recently I have been finding it kind of hard to sift through all the posts.


[-] spokemusic | 17 points | May 15 2016 02:58:40


What is this?


[-] thatguywhohadareddit | 3 points | May 15 2016 09:12:41

I use MEGA on my mobile, so possibly finding a redirection site that works on the apps would be great


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | May 15 2016 10:11:25

Any link protector will work. It's basically linking you to another website which hosts the full mega URL. Will still work fine on mobile and link straight to the app.


[-] starbuck93 | 1 points | May 15 2016 18:26:32


and chrome/firefox extensions. not specifically for mobile, but good tools for tuserie/awesomedl


[-] wateraj2001 | 5 points | May 15 2016 00:14:39

I feel like this will be a good change for the communtiy


[-] Dura1110 | 5 points | May 15 2016 02:49:34

I enjoy my free downloads, wouldn't mind helping


[-] Lego349 | 4 points | May 15 2016 00:44:32

Happy with the addition. Until we figure out the issue with direct mega links being removed, we should probably have a sticky explaining to put links in a pastebin for the time being, while continuing to figure out what's going on.

Edit: or in the text box of the post.


[-] indigo6alpha | 3 points | May 15 2016 09:47:07

Good going /u/vcdupper! Hopefully we'll see some major changes around here soon! :) Let me know if there's anything I can help out with.


[-] is_it_fun | 2 points | May 15 2016 01:10:21



[-] Summarie | 2 points | May 15 2016 03:51:33

Congrats on the appointment! Hopefully this will stop your posts from getting deleted as well


[-] theatomicyeti | 2 points | May 15 2016 04:07:42



[-] andyk_ | 2 points | May 15 2016 07:53:43

This is great news. Well deserved.


[-] mrNobody-_- | 1 points | May 15 2016 09:35:53

Common Issue : Many movie requests on this subreddit go unnoticed.

If none have them in their movie collection, could it be possible for active members here to convert torrent links of those requests to mega links in this subreddit.

We could have special thread to reconsider requests that have gone unnoticed after a long time. This way we could make this subreddit more helpful.


[-] Probate_Judge | -1 points | May 15 2016 09:57:53


You're supposed to go request to some dead sub that hasn't seen a new post in 6 months +



[-] [deleted] | 0 points | May 15 2016 10:08:07

Couple of ideas, some might have been posted already but here goes:

I'm not sure how possible some of these ideas are but I thought I'd post them anyways to see what can be done.


[-] AnAnonymousEscape | -2 points | May 15 2016 04:53:39

Congrats, nice to see respect given to where it is due.

I have an idea that i'd like to share.

Now requests are becoming another issue that's been pretty prominent on this sub, and content submission is currently coming from 3 dedicated posters, vdcupper, indigo6alpha and igotchufam1 (Shoutout to you three btw).

Now to deal with this issue, i've thought about something like [Request via Trade], where the Requesting user puts up something that they could contribute, and in return they get the content they requested. I feel like this would promote activity, and still allow requests to be made on this sub instead of r/megarequests.

Now as to how to implement it or encourage it, i still have no clue, but this idea is all i could offer back to the sub right now.