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alakaboem | 69 points | Feb 20 2016 07:34:12

Star Wars - Silver Screen Edition [Full 25 GB Quality] | Megalinks MegaDB Star Wars - Silver Screen Edition [Full 25 GB Quality]

Team Negative1's gorgeously restored copy of Star Wars (1977), now uploaded to Mega for your viewing pleasure! https://mega.nz/#F!4B1BBIDC!NcrZlK2VzZ21_J4sUs6VuA 7 part download, it's pretty goddamn hefty.


[-] edseamus | 5 points | Feb 25 2016 20:53:21

Here is a little comparison I did of the SS and Despecialized version. The SS is on the left http://imgur.com/a/I7gJD


[-] swilli87 | 5 points | Jul 01 2016 19:15:16

Man I wish we had this for Empire and Jedi as well!


[-] SOULJAR | 3 points | Feb 20 2016 15:39:00

How is this compared to "harmy's despecialized edition"?


[-] kanakana | 5 points | Feb 20 2016 18:25:38

Article on both editions.

While on paper both projects sound pretty similar, it's the methodology used that sets the two available-via-torrent projects apart. Silver is a restoration project based off of a single 35mm film print of the original movie that's taken Negative1 over four years to create, according to a lengthy interview over at Movie Mezzanine. That time was spent doing dirt removal and repairing damage to the film print on a frame-by-frame basis, scanning the original prints with a DSLR mounted to a 35mm projector.

This is entirely unlike Despecialized which splices together clips from the 2011 Blu-ray release, an HDTV broadcast of the Special Edition DVD, a version of the unaltered film included as a special feature on the 2006 DVD collection and "various scans of 70mm and 35mm" film prints and stills from the movies, according to Lifehacker.


[-] rednight39 | 4 points | Feb 20 2016 16:22:21

Since Harmy's uses (partially) the BD release, large portions will be of higher quality, but I read somewhere that Harmy will use this as a source in the next revision to increase the quality of the parts sourced from the GOUT and others.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 4 points | Feb 21 2016 18:09:47

this quote has been attributed to harmy in a few forums i visit.

Until I can make a new version of Despecialized (and this will be an invaluable asset in doing that) I would definitely recommend Team Negative 1’s version over Despecialized v2.5.

so take it for what you will. havent seen it directly from harmy, but goes with your reading of harmy using it as source for his next version


[-] stonecats | 0 points | Feb 20 2016 16:57:19

these look pretty good if you want similar english only enhanced color and detail but without the huge file size;


[-] -SKLR- | 5 points | Feb 21 2016 07:11:16

Is there a mega link for these?


[-] beeseegee | 3 points | Feb 21 2016 02:11:14

It's interesting to see the original preview in the extras. I'm sure that is somewhere on youtube or something, but it's weird to see those scenes without the normal score. It feels so empty!


[-] Mangekyo_ | 3 points | Feb 21 2016 08:31:50

Can someone explain whats so good about this version of the movie?


[-] kanakana | 7 points | Feb 21 2016 11:14:39

It's a 'scanned' copy of the theater release film print of the original Star Wars. It's basically for people who want to watch the original 1977 version of the film that people saw in theaters. (subsequent releases of the film on BluRay etc have been edited, had CGI added in, color-corrected etc).

This 'Silver Screen' edition is the highest resolution copy of the original film that exists, until Disney decides to release their own 'scan' of the original celluloid (if they even ever will).

There's also another version by a guy called 'Harmy', called the 'Despecialized' edition, but it uses lower resolution sources than the SS edition - and apparently Harmy himself says he prefers the SS edition.


[-] doot_doot_doot_doo | 2 points | Feb 21 2016 18:10:29

take a read here



[-] Resonance-Structures | 2 points | Jul 08 2016 20:18:37

It keeps telling me that there is a decryption error with the download?


[-] alakaboem | 1 points | Jul 08 2016 20:45:36

Everything's still coming up golden on my end, fuck all if I know how MEGA works.



[-] Typhon0 | 1 points | Jun 26 2016 00:26:04

It's the version 1 or the blu ray edition ? Thanks


[-] alakaboem | 1 points | Jun 26 2016 02:43:33

It's whatever the initial release was. No idea.