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heatproofmatt | 22 points | Feb 15 2016 18:54:08

[3D Movie] Mad Max Fury Road 2015 1080p 3D | Megalinks MegaDB [3D Movie] Mad Max Fury Road 2015 1080p 3D



[-] eao | 1 points | Feb 29 2016 23:02:51

Ok, dumb question, but could I turn the 3d off in vlc and watch it normally on my laptop? Or is this version only watchable on 3d televisions?


[-] heatproofmatt | 1 points | Feb 29 2016 23:37:57

I've never been able to get vlc to work with 3d movies in 2d on my computer. there are a couple tutorials online, but i've never tried them. the way the 3d works is that its two extremely similar images side by side and the tv overlays one of the images on top of the other one creating the 3d effect. this is how it would normally play in vlc.