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creamydingle | 16 points | Feb 07 2015 10:16:14

[Audiobook] Collection of Fantasy Audioboks | Megalinks MegaDB [Audiobook] Collection of Fantasy Audioboks


If anyone else has any Fantasy Audiobooks please share.


[-] Stranger_of_Cydonia | 1 points | Feb 07 2015 16:23:36

What's in the collection?


[-] creamydingle | 1 points | Feb 08 2015 09:23:13

Click on the link and take a look.


[-] pramod_lexmark | 1 points | Jun 09 2015 10:29:00

There are no audiobooks in the link anymore. Could you please upload the The Rithmatist again. Thanks!!

I have a collection of audible audio books, but they work only with my account. Let me know if you need any in particular and I will convert them to a non DRM format and share.


[-] creamydingle | 2 points | Jun 09 2015 11:34:22

I have put the link back up again and added more. http://www.reddit.com/r/megalinks/comments/395f8s/audiobooks_large_collection_of_fantasy_and_scifi/ The one I am after is the The Vagrant by Peter Newman if you have that it would be great. I have and large Audible collection these i have posted are just ones from torrents I have downloaded over the years. This site is good for torrents http://audiobookbay.co/