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Online-Gypsy | 14 points | Jul 28 2014 18:18:19

[Audio Program] Pimsleur - Learn French | Megalinks MegaDB [Audio Program] Pimsleur - Learn French



[-] MrKyleOwns | 4 points | Jul 29 2014 14:38:47

I think I have the Spanish version of Pimsleur somewhere. I'll upload it if I find it.


[-] rprebel | 1 points | Jul 28 2014 22:03:54

I worked through Level 1 of Pimsleur's French CDs back in the late 90s, and it was enough for me to muddle through conversations and generally not be completely lost when I went to France. Today I'd probably just use DuoLingo, but the Pimsleur method does work.


[-] Online-Gypsy | 2 points | Jul 29 2014 03:36:55

True, it may not be much, and im not sure if these are the full thing, but i just had it in my HDD and it wouldn't cause any harm to share it


[-] rprebel | 1 points | Jul 29 2014 04:03:52

I didn't mean to come across as negative. It's a good method to learn the language. There are just so many more options now than there were back then (90s).