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HeWhoPunchesFish | 28 points | Mar 20 2013 03:29:57

That one mod guy here, short announcement | Megalinks MegaDB That one mod guy here, short announcement

Hello everyone

I just wanted to pop in and clear a few things up.

I've noticed people have been reporting requests so I wanted to clear this up

Basically, as you might have noticed, the style of moderation here is pretty chill. Don't forget about the specialized subs in the sidebar, and don't forget that you can message a mod if you think your post has been incorrectly spam filtered.

Later everybody.

Edit: As you noticed, I am also occasionally kind of an idiot and do things like get my own post removed by automoderator. This is the part where you can laugh at me.


[-] AutoModerator | 39 points | Mar 20 2013 03:34:07

Your submission has been removed because you did not include a tag in the title. Please resubmit with a title including a tag such as [Music] or [Request].

I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.


[-] deepit6431 | 22 points | Mar 20 2013 18:14:05

This is gold.


[-] redwirelessmouse | 14 points | Mar 20 2013 04:48:20

Damn the mod got shut down by the bot.....that's when you know it's getting real up in hur =p


[-] [deleted] | 4 points | Mar 20 2013 10:00:52



[-] interkin3tic | 3 points | Mar 20 2013 12:50:58

Ggg mod: doesnt let the power go to his head


[-] HeWhoPunchesFish | 1 points | Mar 20 2013 21:08:42



[-] bigfatround0 | 2 points | Mar 20 2013 23:34:44

Hey mod, how long do files stay uploaded on Mega? I have some things I want to upload and I don't how long they stay there.


[-] HeWhoPunchesFish | 3 points | Mar 20 2013 23:42:46

I think indefinitely. I've never had a file disappear from MEGA after a time, although, I haven't had a file just sitting there for more than maybe a month and a half yet.

I can't guarantee I'm right though, so don't quote me on it


[-] bigfatround0 | 1 points | Mar 20 2013 23:55:19

Thanks, that answer is better than none.


[-] pie-man | 1 points | Mar 21 2013 03:21:48

does anyone have any problems downloading using chrome? i am not sure if its something in the settings but i keep getting this every time on any link. Firefox works great though


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Apr 10 2013 02:28:17

I use Chrome on OS X and it works fine.