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poopyboogers | 65 points | Jan 30 2013 20:13:24

Mega.co.nz indexer and search engine launched | Megalinks MegaDB Mega.co.nz indexer and search engine launched



[-] gdog799 | 9 points | Jan 30 2013 22:13:55

Mods should add this to sidebar


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Jan 31 2013 03:26:23



[-] bloodnaught | 8 points | Jan 30 2013 22:56:07

good this is exactly what the site needed


[-] mechtech | 1 points | Jan 31 2013 03:34:44

Because of the account bandwidth caps, it will have to have some kind of automatic duplication management or else if this gets any kind of popularity all of the links will die very fast.


[-] Philluminati | 8 points | Jan 30 2013 23:18:55

Is this not a list of files the RIAA can ask to take down? I mean... how exactly does encryption protect anyone from this?

Secondly.. where are these client side security keys? Everything needed to decrypt a file is kept on the mega servers.

Thirdly.. why don't they need the decryption keys when you submit a copyright infringement notice? https://mega.co.nz/#copyrightnotice


[-] offsideKiwi | 4 points | Jan 31 2013 07:05:09

files posted publicly include the key in the url


[-] tehconz | 3 points | Jan 31 2013 03:02:29

1) It doesn't, files posted publicly can be taken down by copyright agents. The user posting the file can remain anonymous however.

2) The security keys are client side, the key must be supplied either appended to the file URL or input manually on the download page. The mega site generates the required key within the browser when you share a file, not on the server.

3) As above, they do as that would be part of the URL.


[-] Philluminati | 1 points | Jan 31 2013 20:49:37

If I upload file at home... I can't download it at work because there are no server decryption keys for it? If I clear my browser cache.. do I lose access to all my files?? If not.. then Mega can decrypt your files for copyright infringement surely?


[-] tehconz | 1 points | Feb 01 2013 03:12:42

When you upload a file (different from sharing an already uploaded one) it is encrypted with your master key. The master key is stored on Mega's server, encrypted with your password. The server sends the encrypted version of your key to your browser, which uses your password from the login page to unlock it.

This way Mega cannot access your master key (because its encrypted) and the decrypted version of the master key is only used within the local browser.


[-] veron101 | 8 points | Jan 31 2013 19:06:38

Due to a script developed by Mega to delete all files indexed mega-search, the engine is temporarily unavailable. A solution to solve this problem will be made shortly. | Megalinks MegaDB Due to a script developed by Mega to delete all files indexed mega-search, the engine is temporarily unavailable. A solution to solve this problem will be made shortly.


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Jan 31 2013 19:54:20

That explains why most of them are dead links. Isn't that a bit of a sledgehammer tactic? What about legitimate files?


[-] smizmar123 | 6 points | Jan 31 2013 02:53:15

why is most of it in french. more anglaphones plz


[-] sphks | 6 points | Jan 31 2013 07:32:22

I don't know if you really want an answer, but since 3 or 4 years, French peer-to-peer networks are checked by authorities to send email/letters/fines to people who share copyrighted material. Megaupload was the best alternative in France not to be fined... until the death of Megaupload. The ecosystem of French pirating froze (with lots of dedicated websites). Now that Mega is up, the ecosystem has a new toy, and re-uploads the copyrighted material.


[-] [deleted] | -2 points | Jan 31 2013 07:32:32



[-] smizmar123 | -5 points | Jan 31 2013 17:27:22

I didn't ask for your whole life story of why there are only french. I asked them to please add in English links cause the majority wants English and more hits on the websites. I didn't say to ban the French I'm not Pauline marois that wants to ban a language that I don't understand. I can live with the french but I cannot stand them. That is all


[-] Swissprivatebanker | 3 points | Jan 31 2013 09:18:39

sorry noob question:

how do you make sure these are not virus-infected ?


[-] [deleted] | 3 points | Jan 31 2013 14:03:36

Sort by hits, pretty much all the links are dead.

Even "illusion optique . jpg".


[-] clungemagnet | 3 points | Jan 31 2013 22:49:25

Down for now



[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Jan 30 2013 23:07:57

There is also wheresthefiles.at


[-] Boxcore | -2 points | Jan 31 2013 02:58:55

I feel like this will fuck mega in the end. Basically giving anti- piracy groups mega on a platter.


[-] smizmar123 | 0 points | Jan 31 2013 18:24:27