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Atheist101 | 3 points | Jan 25 2013 23:22:20

Hey new Moderator guy | Megalinks MegaDB Hey new Moderator guy

Apparently we got a mod. Can you add the related subreddits to the sidebar so people know which ones to go to for specialized links?

Lets create a list here of related subs for people to use:




[-] Together_We_Rise | 1 points | Jan 26 2013 18:31:28

What how did they become moderator?


[-] Atheist101 | 3 points | Jan 26 2013 18:42:13

Admins probably made them mods


[-] HeWhoPunchesFish | 2 points | Jan 27 2013 06:02:59

Yes, I was made a mod while I was away from reddit for about a day or two, hence why you noticed a delay between when I became a moderator and you received any kind of response. Sorry about that.