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td888 | 0 points | Jan 24 2013 08:42:42

Mega, not registered, but I have some kind of session | Megalinks MegaDB Mega, not registered, but I have some kind of session

I've been trying to create an account with mega, but I am not receiving a registration email. Apparently I have to use Gmail not Hotmail. I didn't do that yet.

But clicking back and forward on the mega site, I suddenly got a session, in which I can upload files. I didn't log-in or anything, very weird.

This is how it looks.

When I compare it to screen shots from this page, in particular this one, I am missing the 'my account' item.

What is going on?

Edit | Megalinks MegaDB Edit I finally managed to create an account via hotmail.


[-] solaybro | 3 points | Jan 24 2013 10:01:44

I got that too when I used my hotmail. Hotmail just doesn't work so you will have to use gmail.


[-] Moter8 | 3 points | Jan 24 2013 21:20:37

There is a "test" mode, you access it by clicking [here] (http://puu.sh/1S7hQ). Upload a file and you get to that test environment without needing to register. Files will obv. not be saved to your account etc.

I would recommend you to register with gmail and use your own account :)


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Jan 25 2013 23:49:22

I've registered with Gmail but still not recived the email, how long did yours take?


[-] Moter8 | 1 points | Jan 26 2013 07:36:08

I got zhe email instantly after registering. Look at your spam folder.