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ToWorkOrMinecraft | 30 points | Jan 23 2013 03:53:21

How Safe Is It To Post And Share Links? | Megalinks MegaDB How Safe Is It To Post And Share Links?

If a user uploads data and starts sharing the link, what risks are they taking, if any?


[-] Aigis-the-Aeon | 17 points | Jan 23 2013 04:02:18

I'm probably going to get downvoted, but considering that no one is using http://anonym.to/ and just directly linking them via this subreddit, that this place is going to get shut down quick.


[-] AnarchistPrick | 10 points | Jan 23 2013 07:25:16

Just because Mega knows who is linking to their file, doesn't mean anything. There are hundreds(or should be soon) of sites, forums, ect... out there that link to mega files.

They don't have the power to shut down this subreddit, only the reddit mods do that, (or the DMCA) so I don't know where you're getting at.


[-] Aigis-the-Aeon | 3 points | Jan 23 2013 15:38:07

I understand where you are coming from but then again I don't know how reddit deals with its copyright complaints.

Edit: also didn't the FBI just seize and shut down Kims site last time? Without getting court orders and what not? Whose to say if big brother finds this site to be a threat that they won't just tear it down in the same way?


[-] alex25400 | 1 points | Jan 23 2013 20:54:23

they have more important things to do


[-] ToWorkOrMinecraft | 9 points | Jan 23 2013 04:05:01

What exactly is http://anonym.to/ , and how does it work? (sorry that im not taking the personal initiative to look into it, im fairly drunk and currently lazy)


[-] Aigis-the-Aeon | 15 points | Jan 23 2013 04:11:20

This is what I have been told regarding anonym.to:

All sites like mega record where the original link was located (the referrer) and stores that data on their servers. So say you click a link that goes to mega, and it was posted here.

mega servers would then have a direct, and logged link back to where the initial click originated from. This helps to crack down on unsuspecting sites posting copyrighted content.

TL;DR version: It stops mega from knowing where the link originated from, and helps to keep this subreddit safer.


[-] paleo_dragon | 11 points | Jan 23 2013 05:02:26

You should prolly tell the mod to make it a rule


[-] Aigis-the-Aeon | 8 points | Jan 23 2013 05:07:00

I would but the creator of this subreddit deleted their account to remain anonymous themselves.


[-] paleo_dragon | 5 points | Jan 23 2013 05:08:31

haha wow did not know that


[-] anon66666 | 3 points | Jan 23 2013 07:21:48

True but truth be told, eventually there will be a better site that will host the links to mega and that site will automatically use the anonym functionality with all external links.


[-] Aigis-the-Aeon | 2 points | Jan 23 2013 15:36:49

You ate absolutely right however shouldn't we take precautions before those sites come into play?


[-] anon66666 | 1 points | Jan 26 2013 04:26:00

yes we should.


[-] jesus_knows_me | 2 points | Jan 23 2013 10:19:51

Why even bother with anonym.to. You could just copy and paste the link. Btw does anyone know if there's a script that can do that?


[-] Aigis-the-Aeon | 2 points | Jan 23 2013 15:41:55

I do not know of any script that does that, but 99% of people are too lazy to copy the link, open a new tab, and paste it in. That's three steps too long in the majority of peoples minds.


[-] Wax_Paper | 1 points | Jan 24 2013 11:01:53

The benefit is for the host, not the user, so you can't expect (or enforce) anyone to do it without using a proxy-link service...


[-] kris33 | 7 points | Jan 23 2013 23:09:45

Use derefer.me instead of anonym.to, it's much faster and less annoying.