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YCSMD | 7 points | Jan 21 2013 23:05:14

Is this feasible in the future? (Torrent to MEGA storage) | Megalinks MegaDB Is this feasible in the future? (Torrent to MEGA storage)

So an idea crossed my mind just now. What if there was a service that provided the ability to download torrents directly to a storage service (MEGA in this case) which you could then download from MEGA after it was finished?

I know I see issues with privacy, encryption and legality, not to mention the increased strain on the servers, but I wonder if there is a way around all that? I wouldn't expect this service to be free, but Im just throwing it out there and seeing if anyone thinks this could be a possibility in the future?


[-] fenrisulfur | 8 points | Jan 21 2013 23:16:09

What you are doing is describing a seedbox.

Go check out /r/seedboxes


[-] YCSMD | 1 points | Jan 21 2013 23:28:15

Look at that! Thanks

Question, does the file need to be fully downloaded to the server before downloading to the PC or can they happen in parallel for large files?


[-] krustyarmor | 4 points | Jan 22 2013 03:58:25

BitTorrent doesn't download sequentially but rather it just grabs whatever bits happen to be available until it's gotten the whole thing. This is why you can begin uploading while you are still downloading; you have bits available..

Pretty much all other download methods that you might use to get the file from you seedbox to your own box (such as SFTP, for example) will want to read and transmit sequentially (because it expects to be reading a complete file.

So you could theoretically download in parallel if they both did so sequentially, as long as the second download speed did not exceed the first download speed. A 1:1 speed ratio is just a proxy that keeps a local copy for the proxy server box.

So, no, not really feasible with bittorrent.


[-] Icovada | 2 points | Jan 24 2013 15:07:55

If you "rsync -av" it, it will download the complete file at first (including eventual "holes") and plug them every time you re-run the command, without downloading the whole complete file


[-] fenrisulfur | 1 points | Jan 21 2013 23:37:02

I am not sure as I have never really thought much about seedboxes but I cannot a reason that you could not do it.

Of course the downside is that seedboxes cost you money.


[-] InfantsInInfantry | 1 points | Jan 21 2013 23:56:55

I don't think we'll ever be able to download contents of torrents to our MEGA drives, but it definitely is feasible to automate the upload of files to MEGA.


[-] thekiwi99 | 1 points | Jan 22 2013 00:49:49

This is possible, but the problem is finding a machine to run it on. Simultaneously downloading a torrent and uploading the file to MEGA isn't hard, but there is no way to torrent straight to their servers. So you need a seedbox.


[-] [deleted] | 1 points | Jan 22 2013 15:01:42

See put.io. I don't believe it has the same encryption ability as MEGA, but it is pretty useful nonetheless.