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saint_iGNUcius | 0 points | Jan 21 2013 17:18:24

Can we please avoid the term 'Cloud Computing'? | Megalinks MegaDB Can we please avoid the term 'Cloud Computing'?

The term “cloud computing” is a marketing buzzword with no clear meaning. It is used for a range of different activities whose only common characteristic is that they use the Internet for something beyond transmitting files. Thus, the term is a nexus of confusion. If you base your thinking on it, your thinking will be vague.

When thinking about or responding to a statement someone else has made using this term, the first step is to clarify the topic. Which kind of activity is the statement really about, and what is a good, clear term for that activity? Once the topic is clear, the discussion can head for a useful conclusion.

Curiously, Larry Ellison, a proprietary software developer, also noted the vacuity of the term “cloud computing.” He decided to use the term anyway because, as a proprietary software developer, he isn't motivated by the same ideals as we are.

One of the many meanings of “cloud computing” is storing your data in online services. That exposes you to surveillance.

Another meaning (which overlaps that but is not the same thing) is Software as a Service, which denies you control over your computing.

Another meaning is renting a remote physical server, or virtual server. These can be ok under certain circumstances.


[-] yes_thats_right | 0 points | Jan 23 2013 06:04:25

A) The term Cloud Computing is very useful in many contexts, so I think a blanket rule to not use this term would make no sense. SaaS is in no way synonymous with cloud computing. SaaS simply means that the user will pay money to use the software but will not host it themselves and typically support and development etc will be performed by the vendor - it does not need to be on a cloud to be SaaS.

B) People are just here to share files, no need to get upset about what language people use describe the hosting architecture.