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NunsOnFire | 3 points | Jan 21 2013 01:13:37

Invalid login - Is anyone else having trouble logging in? | Megalinks MegaDB Invalid login - Is anyone else having trouble logging in?

I just made my account and confirmed it via email, but whenever I go to login, it gives me and invalid login message. I'm guessing this can be a simple problem because this is its first day live and the site is being constantly hammered, but I just got to make sure.


[-] YCSMD | 2 points | Jan 21 2013 02:06:49

Yes cant login lately. Still havent been able to upload a file either when I was. lol


[-] NunsOnFire | 2 points | Jan 21 2013 02:10:12

Thanks for the reply. After some snooping, I found out that there are other people with similar problems.



[-] solaybro | 2 points | Jan 21 2013 02:15:42

Have you gotten the confirmation email, I am still waiting for mine and I signed up more than 24hrs ago.


[-] YCSMD | 3 points | Jan 21 2013 02:22:39

I signed up about 3 hours after they opened and got mine instantly.


[-] solaybro | 2 points | Jan 21 2013 02:27:01

From browsing reddit I have learnt hat I am not the only one with this problem.


[-] NunsOnFire | 1 points | Jan 21 2013 02:52:27

I've got mine almost instantly.


[-] ToWorkOrMinecraft | 1 points | Jan 21 2013 08:05:35

I still haven't gotten a confirmation email for my hotmail, but my gmail was instant. Also, when opening the confirmation link I kept getting an error. Simply go to the home page of Mega and use your info to log in.


[-] solaybro | 1 points | Jan 21 2013 08:13:21

I made a gmail and registered with that and I got a confirmation email which took me to a loading screen. After the loading screen it asked me to log in and it said invalid email or password. When I tried going to the home page and log in it said invalid again. the site looks good but it seems to have major problems.


[-] Greatdrift | 2 points | Jan 21 2013 03:27:17

Hi. I logged out during the creating a key part and now it says that I have an incorrect email or password. I don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to do now...


[-] NunsOnFire | 2 points | Jan 21 2013 03:46:22

From all the information I've gathered, it seems like this is just a normal thing for a lot of people. It should be fixed in the next few days, maybe even by tomorrow.


[-] Dicktopia | 1 points | Jan 25 2013 02:07:05

I haven't even received my email, created my account on the day the website was released and I've tried multiple times, still no email.


[-] chiisana | 0 points | Jan 21 2013 03:37:17

I had same problem, and there's no option to reset password. I figured I'd just try, and register again... this time, type my password a lot more carefully, and it went through. I haven't lost this second account yet!


If your first account doesn't work, just try to register again, with the same email address, apparently they don't care as long as your password is different or something.