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shadowdorothy | 1 points | Jan 20 2013 05:43:33

Itty bitty Mega question. | Megalinks MegaDB Itty bitty Mega question.

I know a lot of people will be using mega for file sharing. But I have a question. I know Mega gives the user a key to encrypt and decrypt stuff. But can you have more than one key? Like keys for each file? Or just one key for your profile?

This is important to me as I want to keep some personal stuff on an account, but also want to keep shared programs on it. I don't want someone to get into the personal stuff.


[-] Advisery | 3 points | Jan 20 2013 06:21:41

Well, two things to say here:

  1. Just make two accounts. It isn't that hard.

  2. You must understand how sharing works: It's only applicable to things you ALLOW to share. If you only want to share, say, a folder called "Cool Pics", but you also have important stuff like "Tax Returns 2011", and "Stock Options", or "Home Made Porn", it ONLY shares and shows the "Cool Pics", since that's the only thing you clicked to be shared. Now, to share something, simply right-click on the File/Folder you wish to share, click "Share", and select who you want to share it to.

Just ask if you have any other questions.


[-] shadowdorothy | 2 points | Jan 20 2013 06:23:49

Thank you. That was the only question I had at the moment.


[-] Advisery | 1 points | Jan 20 2013 06:24:55

No problem. If you have anymore, refer to this post I made a little bit ago.