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RoQuaGHCK | 0 points | Jan 19 2013 22:17:55

Anyone else having problems logging in? | Megalinks MegaDB Anyone else having problems logging in?

Ok so im just checking if anyone else is having problems logging in. I dont think this is because of lag since the servers are fiune now and my internet connection is 100/100.

Rather i think that this problem is because of the verification key (i can not confirm this though)

i keep putting in the same email and the same password and i get in like 1 out of 10 tries. i am not copy pasting the password but i am writing it over and over.


[-] EliteNova | 3 points | Jan 19 2013 23:20:00

Yeah I haven't received my email from them so I cant really do much.


[-] [deleted] | 2 points | Jan 20 2013 09:54:22



[-] EliteNova | 1 points | Jan 20 2013 10:06:07

I've been sifting through some forums, they all say the same... Just too much traffic. As long as you have sent in your email, you should expect it eventually. I guess 50gb is worth waiting for.


[-] richvarney | 1 points | Jan 20 2013 12:18:42

Same here, good to know I'm not the only one


[-] West_Garden | 2 points | Jan 20 2013 02:39:03

The same thing is going on with me. I know the email and password are correct but it says it isn't.


[-] FourAM | 1 points | Jan 21 2013 02:35:29

I am still getting this issue. I was able to verify but never to log in.

Now, when i click them email link i get "this is not a valid confirmation token" or something of the like

I did manage to log in once, but it told me "Your browser is outdated" (Firefox 18) and that I should "upgrade" to Google Chrome. I opened it in chrome and I can't log in.